• Cardboard bases
(Long boxes cut to size - 1/2 " long x 5" wide)
*the kind used for shipping large printer toner cartridges are what we use, you can buy new rectangular boxes from Mail Boxes Etc.

• Cardboard triangles
*These small triangles are taped in the corners of the boxes for support/bracing.

• Cardboard rectangles - 1" x 1 3/4" (to use as a crank)

• Foamies 2mm thick and 6mm thick in a variety of colors
*we get ours from Ben Franklin or Joann Fabrics

http://www.goldingcraft.com/foamies.htm http://www.cardinalenterprises.com/darice_foamies_cutouts.htm

• Straws (for bearings)
• Hot glue sticks & gun
• Skewer sticks (12")
(for axle, rod & crank)
• Duct & masking tape
• Pencils
(to poke a hole for the bearing)
• Handful of wood screws
(to poke holes for the axle)
• Sketch paper

• Miscellaneous art materials for decoration
Pipe cleaners, google eyes, feathers, colored markers, construction paper.

The materials for this activity are pretty straight forward. Each automata is made from easy to find materials. The cardboard base and the foam for the cams are the two main elements of the construction.

Automata Anatomy
(click image above)