This "scrapbook" is a collection of some of the things we've been involved in related to PIE. It's not a comprehensive collection, but a way of documenting some our favorite moments.  
If you have questions -- send us an email -- Karen/Mike

Making automata with visitors at Mindfest '04 in Ft Worth

Exploring PIE activities at the Singapore Science Centre

A celebration of automata and mechanical motion

An inspirational collection of mechanisms

A playful approach to sound and the moving image
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre inspired us to explore motion
We tried out a new "old idea" on the floor during Mindfest
Bruce shares his enthusiasm for motion control and stepper motors
A course combining science, art & technology @ Urban
Images from a cricket-controlled camera dangling below a kite.
Visiting artist Hector Fernandez Pina creates Sensorama in our shop
Taking things apart, experimenting with relays and crickets
A Festival of Playful Invention -- Fort Worth style!
Creating the 'cricket-mobile' at AVAM with artist Lucy Harvey
A chance to experiment with water and pumps
A new exhibit on the floor of the Exploratorium
A workshop with Algis & his students @ the Urban School
Gathering at the Exploratorium to create exhibit extenders

An activity developed with the museum Explainers

Arthur Ganson and Explo staff create a giant chain reaction
Design charette for the Lemelson's Invention @ Play exhibit
Family Fun Night / Opening of Mathematica
A Festival of Playful and Inventive Exploration

A 2nd Wednesday event at the Exploratorium

A 2nd Wednesday event at the Exploratorium
Gateway High School: Inter-Session Class
A Playful Mind Symposium Activity